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Why should I join?

Whether you’re a seasoned infosec risk and compliance professional, an executive for your organization's IT security, a newbie just starting off your career in IT security, risk or compliance, or a thought-leader that writes for industry publications and blogs - ZenGage will become a staple resource for you.

Real Examples

“Anyone have a great security awareness tool that also sync users with Okta by any chance?” or “Anyone here familiar with best practices handling Italian "Codice Fiscale" tax ID data that the gov requires certain companies to collect from users?”

“For anyone looking to create composite security metrics out of ground truth measures, I recommend this talk by Russell Thomas”

"Anyone in Vegas for Defcon/Blackhat?” or “Any users heading the PCI North American community conference in Vancouver?”

“Is anyone using API’s to do any advance reporting with a BI tool?”

What is the community like?

We have folks from some of the world’s leading companies active on ZenGage.

We are new, so we expect the community will evolve and become more global overtime. So far, our members are mostly from large to mid-size technology, healthcare and retail companies with titles like: CISO and CIO, risk analyst and manager, Head of IT and compliance, and everything in between.

About ZenGage

ZenGage was launched in July 2019 by Reciprocity Inc. to encourage a community of like-minded people in the InfoSec Risk and Compliance profession to connect, share resources and support with one another.

Not convinced?

We can appreciate a healthy amount of skepticism, but rest assured we have no alternative motive. The community is free to use and free from all advertising and product sales. If you’re looking to connect with and contribute to a community of like-minded people, then we’d love for you to join..

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